MDB – « Brother & sisterhood »

Le nouveau clip des MDB { Moscow Death brigade }  : « Brother and sisterhood » avec les paroles (en anglais) ci-dessous.


Ski mask and track suit
You know we’re the angry youth
We’re back on a track to attack
We’re brother & sisterhood

Rhyme spitters, the real train hitters
Back on the streets to show them all what
real heat is Defy them leaders
When we stay united they can’t defeat us
Ghettoblasting, we stay nasty
Rip them snake tongues out, outlast them
I say “No Government” like Anti-Pasti
We’re vandals, hooligans, punx and crusties
Disgusting, that’s how they called us
Now they bite our style cause they got no class
Days pass, we face da foes
Fangs and claws, yeah, I’ve got some of those
That’s how it goes when you take a stand
More than a band, you can trust the brand
I got a bad accent you can’t understand
But this beat and the flow make you bang your head

I still hit the walls, give me cans, pack it
I got the same holes in the same North Face jacket
Still making a racket
Unity, Bonded by Blood, You can’t break it, Nah
We can’t and won’t stop
Bringing the noise, making circle pit hip hop
Blast from your stereo, what are you staring at?
Bring all your zombies, I will rebury them
Jump in the pit with Shaolin monks, skinheads and punks,
Spit out your lungs
Right-wing scum gets brought to the light
Kids are alright ready for a fight-night
Try as you will, locomotive won’t stop
Crew in the front won’t let the beat drop
From stadiums, skateshops, dojos and squats
Everybody slam to the circle pit hip hop

I was a Clockwork Skinhead, Boxcutter Justice,
Razor Bois know no limits
Stepping over backstabbers and schemers
Cliques, intrigues, cops are pigs – want to split us
We are meant to be whole, thus
Can’t be taken apart – press their faces against the glass
Radical philosophers, ill-willing xenophobes, arrogant provocateurs
Shall not Pass!
Break their fiction our name is Legion
Step up and face the birth of the legend
Close your eyes with their fake ass lies
They can never break real family ties
We unite against hate crimes, close minded “Pro-white », homophobes, internet fighters
Face the bigots, we bring down the might
With a mic in my hand and fire in the rhyme



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